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Are you feeling rundown or recuperating from illness? Or do you just want a boost to make you feel revitalized? IV Infusion Therapy helps deliver essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients to rejuvenate the body and restore optimal health.

Keeping your body hydrated and maintaining a healthy balance of essential vitamins and minerals means your body works at its optimum level. IV Therapy provides high doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, exceeding levels achieved by simple oral supplementation.

IV infusions are a potent immune system booster which aid in the recovery of illness, hangover relief, jet lag, overexertion and to provide a boost to your overall health. By injecting vitamins and nourishing treatments directly into the bloodstream, your body can absorb the nutrients rapidly which speeds up the healing process to bring forth a healthy glow.

IV Therapy has been practiced for decades and is an effective treatment for rehydration, reducing nausea, hangover and illness recovery, reducing muscle aches, soreness, headaches and pain; in addition to fortifying the immune system, helping to increase energy and improve mental and physical performance. There are many beauty and anti aging treatments that help slow aging and nourish the hair, skin, nails and overall body.

Your selected IV therapy is administered by one of Fortafid's licensed practitioners so you can feel confident that the treatment will be done by a licensed and experienced professional. With each treatment, an IV line is inserted delicately into the vein and the treatment will slowly drip through the line feeding the solution into the bloodstream until all of the solution has been absorbed.

Time varies between different IV therapies and depending on the patient. IV therapies can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour to administer, while NAD+ therapies may take between two to four hours.

Wellness treatments for hangovers, some illnesses and dehydration will have almost immediate results; while the benefits of other treatments will show over time and may require multiple treatments. Particularly with anti aging and beauty IV treatments, a series of IV treatments is required for optimal results showing over time.

IV therapies serve a variety of purposes from proactive wellness treatments to recovery from illness, hangover or dehydration. If you suspect you may have COVID or another highly-contagious disease, please advise your practitioner in advance to reschedule or for them to properly prepare.

Side effects (if any) are rare and typically minor. Some side effects may include bruising and soreness on/around the injection area, cooling sensation in the arm, etc. Less common side effects may include a risk of infection or allergic reaction(s). Please advise your practitioner if you have any allergies or medical conditions before the treatment.

Fortafid takes your wellness seriously. Each provider is licensed, insured and has undergone our proprietary screening and background check to keep your health and safety at the forefront. Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our providers, please email us at

IV therapy is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18 or women who are pregnant (or suspect they may be pregnant). If you have any medical conditions, please consult with your doctor.

You can rely on Fortifid’s network of vetted licensed practitioners for every service you seek. You may note your preferred providers within your account and reschedule with them based on their availability or to opt to schedule with our network of providers to have reliable and convenient treatment that works around your schedule.

We do not accept insurance at this time.